david spungin-31869-2(1)Hello, my name is David Spungin and I am an Organization Development (OD) Consultant, Corporate Trainer, and Executive Coach focused on transforming managers into high performing leaders. My leadership journey began when I received an appointment to The United States Military Academy at West Point. Here, I developed an intense passion for leadership and an even greater curiosity for how to best develop leaders. This passion inspired me to be one of only eight Cadets in my class that chose to major specifically in leadership development. It proved to be a life-shaping decision. After years of studying leadership theory under some brilliant thought leaders, I was able to immediately apply my learning as a Cavalry Officer in the U.S. Army where I led combat soldiers for nearly a decade. Leading soldiers has been my life’s greatest honor and the experience taught me countless lessons. It taught me the importance of demonstrating strong character and high credibility, how to develop trusting and highly accountable teams, and perhaps most importantly, how to be an empathetic leader who serves others before self.

Following military service, I set out to apply my leadership experiences to the world of profit and loss. Working as a business development manager for a multi-billion dollar company, I helped grow our business unit to nearly $400 million, setting a new company sales record. I then joined a mid-sized consulting firm and successfully directed project teams delivering professional services to Federal government agencies. I was learning much and progressing well, yet I couldn’t help but notice that leadership was often grossly missing within many of these organizations. I saw so much untapped potential and it became clear that I yearned for a return to my original passion—coaching, training, and mentoring leaders.

Inspired to pursue a career as a leader development professional, I set out to answer the question “What’s the best way to teach leadership to others?” This turned into an exploration of various philosophies, methodologies, and tools. From learning through our emotions or through the body (somatically), to highly experiential pedagogies like the NTL T-Group or Harvard’s Case-In-Point process, I gained a new appreciation as to what really works and what doesn’t. Along the way I earned my M.S. in Organization Development from American University, became an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified executive coach, and got certified in the MBTI, DiSC, PMAI, and EQ-I 2.0 personality/behavioral assessment tools. All of this helped confirm what I now believe as a fundamental truth—the single greatest way to increase leader effectiveness is by growing an individual’s self-awareness and self-management ability.

After multiple years of developing leaders primarily in Fortune 500 companies, I feel it’s a real gift to help another person reach their full potential, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to do so. My approach is one where I continuously strive to push my clients beyond their comfort zone while also providing a supportive and trusting environment for risk-taking and growth to occur. Stylistically, I seek to strike a balance between gravity and playfulness that makes adult learning both fun and productive. I tend to work best with those who are analytical, value directness, and who demand practicality from their professional development experiences. Yet, I also possess a unique ability to adapt to various personalities and cultures and meet them where they are. I look forward to learning more about your specific needs and how I might to serve the leaders in your organization!

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